Hemoce loyalty program


Hemoce counts on the loyalty programs “Doador Cinco Estrelas” (“5-Stars Donor”) and “Mega Star” to thank and retain blood donors. Volunteers can accumulate stars according to the amount of donations made. In addition to receiving personalized cards, donors receive a unique badge, which identifies them for the merit of their commitment to blood donation.


Advantages of being a 5-star and Mega Star donor:


– The link between the donor and the Blood Center becomes stronger;

– The donor receives a donor card and a unique badge, which identifies them by the merit of the commitment to blood donation;

– The donor will be invited to participate in events held at Hemoce, such as integration and learning meetings.


Donor card:


The blood center delivers the donor card shortly after donation. The volunteer goes to the social service room (blood centers) or reception (collection points) to receive an updated card with the number of donations. The document issued by Hemoce contains several information, such as the name of the donor, date of birth, blood type, dates of the last and next possible donation, among other data.

After donation, the blood collected undergoes quality control, which includes tests to identify possible diseases or abnormalities. Test results are available within 45 days on the Donor Portal.

For every five donations, dornors receive one star, until reaching the five-star standard after the twentieth donation.

Hemoce provides different donor cards according to the amount of stars a donor has. Donors with one to four stars receive a red card. 5-stars volunteers receive a gold card, and Mega Star donors receive a black card.




Number of donationsNumber of stars
1ª, 2ª, 3ª and 4ª doação1 star
5ª, 6ª, 7ª, 8ª and 9ª Donation2 stars
10ª, 11ª, 12ª, 13ª and 14ª Donation3 stars
15ª, 16ª, 17ª, 18ª and 19ª Donation4 stars
20ª, 21ª, 22ª, 23ª, 24ª Donation5 stars
25ª donation aboveMega Star Donor


Common questions:


1. When do I receive the card?
– Soon after the first donation, the donor receives the loyalty program card.


2. Are platelet donations also contacted to receive the stars?
– Yes. With each donation of platelet you receive a new card with the amount of donations and updated stars.


3. When I make my donation at another blood center, does this donation also counts?
– Only donations made in public blood centers in the state of Ceará are considered.


4. What is the expiration date of my donation card?
– Answer: The donation card does not have an expiration date, but with each new donation you receive an updated one. We remind you that the card is not an official identification document or health certificate. It is also worth noting that:
– Men can donate every two months / respecting the limit of four donations in a year.

– Women can donate every three months / respecting the limit of three donations within a year.


5. I am a former donor, I have donations prior to 2010. Do these donations count?
– In 1999, the Blood Bank System (SBS) was implemented in the coordinating blood center, so from that year onwards, donations count for earning the stars. However, in the hemorede units we still do not have a fully computerized system and each unit has its own tool for counting blood donations.


6. Can I access my results over the internet?
– Answer: Yes. Volunteers can access the donor portal and check the results 45 days after the donation, through the Donor Portal.